15th - 19th May 2023

Highlights of the Week:

We have been working on word reading with the children and we are putting together some real and alien word lists based on the letter groups the children are not as confident with. We will be sending these home early next week to help your children prepare for the phonics screening.
The weather has been so lovely this week that we were able to have both of our P.E sessions outside. On Wednesday morning we set up sports day activities for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Reminder - Miss Ozanne will be holding a phonics screening information meeting for parents on the 25th May at 2.55pm for those of you who would like more information about the screening commencing the week of the 12th June.

We have been using phonics play to help us with our word reading of the ‘alien’ words. You can access some of their resources from home without a subscription.



This week the children have moved onto learning about quarters. We spent time sharing counters into 4 equal groups to find the quarter of an amount using the STEM sentence ‘1 quarter of ___ is ___’. You might like to try this at home using toys or foods!

We have spent time this week working on our mental maths using the White Rose 1-minute maths app. This is free to download onto a device and the children have enjoyed seeing their score against the clock!


This week, we have been revisiting our learning of writing a compound sentence where two sentences (clauses) that make sense in their own right are joined together using, in this instance, ‘and’.

For example2

The children really enjoyed this activity and we used different coloured pieces of paper to write the two sentences (clauses) separately so we could clearly see how to put them together using ‘and’ to make a compound sentence.

The children have enjoyed the opportunity to use their imaginations to create characters and story settings for their own story based around the story structure of ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. This story is definitely a year group favourite!

Watch it together on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhXUtLkbj0w

Home learning:

● Grown ups - please continue to read with your child as often as you can. When reading to your child please take time to talk about the story characters, setting and plot.
● Can you beat the clock on White Rose1-minute maths? See if you can beat your previous score!
● Don’t forget to play NumBots, we really enjoy seeing your progress and being able to give out NumBots certificates in celebration assembly on a Friday.