14th - 18th November 2022

Highlights of the week:


We have been working on the ‘g’ as in gerbil and germ, and -oe used in the words goes and tiptoe. 


This week we have continued to look at subtraction. We have been subtracting by using a numberline and crossing out. The children have been making great progress across the past week and can form a number of number sentences to show this.
2 + 3 = 5
3 + 2 = 5
5 - 2 = 3
5 - 3 = 2


This week in history the children were looking at a series of images from different periods. From this we have been looking at similarities and differences between them and today. The children came up with some great ideas which lead to further conversations.


This week in English we have been looking at non-fiction texts. We have looked at the differences between nonfiction and fiction texts as well as the key features that occur in these such as a contents page, index, glossary and subheading. We also started to write a caption for an image of the school. Next week the children will move on to writing their own nonfiction page about Botley.


We all got to log into the Chromebooks again this week and had a go at using a word processing program. The children were asked to write their names and were given a chance to explore different features of the program where they could change the font, colour and size of their text. The children found this a challenge but liked how they could be creative in their own work.