10th - 14th October 2022

Highlights of the week:

The children will be bringing homework home tonight to consolidate their learning from this week.


We have been working on the ‘ue’ letter group this week recognising that it can make two different sounds, ‘clue’ and ‘statue’. The children have found this quite tricky but we will continue to revisit this letter group over the year.


We started our unit on addition and subtraction this week by looking at part whole models. As the week progressed, we started to work on writing an addition number sentence. Later in the week we looked at moving the = symbol to a different place in our number sentence. Our unit has only just started so we hope the children will feel more confident with this as the weeks progress.
           5 + 2 = 7
           7 = 5 + 2


This week we looked at the features of a tree. Some of the children were unsure of the word trunk and where it belonged on a tree. We did some elephant impressions to help us remember! We are excited to see you on Friday, if you are able to join us, for the sketching and labelling activity afternoon at 2.45pm.


Our unit on instruction writing has continued and we have been exploring the features of instruction writing. We noticed that instructions have a title, you will need section, bossy ‘imperative’ verbs and are written in a time order, using numbers or time order words. This helps us recognise in which order to get things done so we don’t get into a pickle like we did with the jam sandwich!

Design Technology

This week we designed a pizza ready for next week when we will make them. We had to think of the ingredients we wanted to use and draw a picture of our finished product. We will check how we did with photos next week!


In geography this week, we have been looking at aerial photos. The children were excited to see an image of Hedge End and found Smyths and McDonalds before moving onto another image where they were able to see a picture of the water park. We talked about how this is how an astronaut would see the earth if they looked down on us or even a bird flying over.