14th - 18th March 2022

Highlights of the week:

We have been looking at the structure of writing a story this week and had a go at writing our own stories. We started off using a story mountain to help us plan our story into a beginning, middle and end, before writing our own from our plan. Earlier in the week, we had a revision session looking at joining our sentences with ‘and’. Some of the children found this quite tricky and this will be something we keep returning to throughout the year.

In maths we continued with our unit on length and height. We started to use a ruler to help us measure items around the classroom. We found out how important it is not to leave gaps when you are measuring as well as starting at 0cm, not the beginning of the ruler where there is no measurement. At the beginning of the week we found it quite funny finding other units to measure with. We got to measure with multilink, rubbers, pencil sharpeners and even our own hands!

In phonics this week we looked at the letter groups ‘air’ and ‘ph’. We were first introduced to these letter groups in year R and did very well remembering the order of the letters when writing them - especially ‘air’!

We started our DT unit this week - sewing. We looked at different types of bunting and evaluated them based on how they were made, what we liked and disliked about them and how we could improve them. This unit will continue next week when we hope to work on our sewing skills!

We were lucky enough to have Tony from 'Chance to Shine Cricket' in on Tuesday to teach us all about cricket. We had great fun learning new skills and thank them for taking time out of their day to spend time with us.

Homework for this week -

Comparing length

Consolidate our learning of air and ph

Home learning:

  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is recommended that children play Numbots for 10 minutes a day for maximum impact.