10th - 14th January 2022

Homework for this week -

We will be bringing home a phonics sheet based on the ‘ue’ sound we have looked at this week. The children are doing really well with their spelling of the days of the week. After half term, we will be looking to ask the children to independently write the date in their books before a piece of work.

Highlights of the week:

In English this week, we continued our journey learning about poems. In guided reading, we looked at two different poems before talking about what we did and did not like about them with our adults. Our independent task was to further consolidate our understanding of the ‘oy / oi’ we had been looking at in phonics the previous week. Towards the end of the week, we started to draft our own animal riddles and we will be writing these up to display early next week.

We have started a new unit in Maths this week: addition and subtraction within 20. The week began with learning a new number bond song to the tune of ‘row, row, row your boat’. You might like to ask the children to sing this to you! By rehearsing our number bonds to 10, it helped support our systematic recording of number bonds to 20 later in the week. We looked for patterns within our maths to help with our counting. We are now very good at using a number line to support our counting.

Our letter groups in phonics this week have been ‘ue (yoo)’ and ‘ue (oo)’. We will be bringing home a phonics sheet to support our learning and understanding of this sound. Some of the words we have been learning to read and write include; statue, duel, rescue, blue and glue.

In PE, we will be looking at mastering basic skills within gymnastics. The children will be learning how to use the equipment safely as well as developing their ability to balance on a piece of equipment. As this unit is linked to our topic on animals, the children will learn how to hold a pose and move between the equipment at different levels with varying speed.

In computing this week, we had to follow a set of instructions to successfully make a Mr Potato Head picture. The instructions were read to us as we noticed that, because they were precise, we were able to complete the task independently.

Home learning:

  • Please make sure you are reading with your child at least four times a week and commenting on their reading in their reading record book.
  • Please support your child to access Numbots online. It is recommended that children play Numbots for 10 minutes a day for maximum impact.