Early Years - Ladybird and Butterfly Class

Welcome to Early Years

We are very excited to be welcoming our 2nd cohort of children into Early Years at Boorley Park Primary School. It is our first year with two classes and we have been busy setting up our new learning environment ready for our children to start.

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At Boorley Park we have two classes in Early Years ‘Ladybird Class’ and ‘Butterfly Class’. Each class has a class teacher and a learning support assistant. All adults in the Early Years team work closely together to make sure we get to know all the children and to ensure that all children feel safe and supported and that they are challenged to move forward in their learning.

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Although most of the children’s adult led activities are completed within their classrooms, for a large part of the day we operate as an Early Years unit. This time is called Independent Learning time. Independent learning time gives the children more freedom and choice about where they want to do their learning, where they want to explore and who they want to do their learning with. This approach allows children to move freely between Ladybird Class, Butterfly Class and our outdoor classroom.

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We encourage our children to become independent in their learning, thinking of their own ideas, organising their time and selecting the resources they will need. We support our children to think of solutions to solve problems, self-review and reflect on what they have done. During this time, they become deeply involved in their learning and they develop their skills in concentration, perseverance and get to feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction in completing challenges and activities they have set for themselves.

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Each classroom is set up with different areas of learning and when our children first start with us they are supported to learn how to use each area so that they can become independent within their learning environment. This enables them to take charge of their own learning as they explore and play.